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The Salt Association represents UK salt manufacturers, giving them a voice and providing guidance, both socially and politically. We safeguard the industry’s development by raising awareness of issues and advising the government and other bodies on key areas relating to salt and the salt industry, in all its forms.

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With around two hundred million global tonnes of salt produced annually, only approximately 6% is used for human consumption. Of the rest, a significant proportion is used for De-icing, also known as ‘Gritting’, our roads. Find out more about how this ‘Brown Salt’ is being used.

Best & Codes of Practices Environmental Effect

White Salt

Health and Salt go hand in hand. Salt is an essential, natural nutrient that plays a vital role in keeping each of us healthy. It is crucial that we get enough of it. Find out more about how White Salt is used in keeping you healthy.

Salt in Our Food Water Softening


As representatives of UK salt manufacturers, we provide the voice and guidance on social and political salt issues as they break. Here we make our official stances clear.


Here we cover the types of salt, the history and geography of salt production. Along with selected teaching resources for activities.

Salt Sense

The Salt Sense campaign exists to help balance the debate when it comes to salt, health and the environment.

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Skimmed Milk Could Help Athletes Keep Hydrated

Skimmed Milk Could Help Athletes Keep Hydrated

Skimmed milk could by a key ingredient for athletes to replace vital water and salts lost from the body during exercise. According to leading nutritionist Lewis James skimmed milk could be much more effective than sports drinks to re hydrate the body because the milk...

Government Salt Reduction Strategy

Government Salt Reduction Strategy

There is growing confusion associated with the Government salt reduction strategy – a strategy which some experts believe is both misleading and potentially dangerous, largely because the research on which the Department of Health bases its guidelines is inadequate...