Roads are our Nations arteries linking our economy and our society. This section covers Conventional Deicing Road Salt, also known as Sodium Chloride, the most widely used agent.

Keeping Our Roads Open

Snow and ice endanger road users and paralyse economic activity. Sensible salting keeps roads open and safe.
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De-Icing & the Environment

De-icing salt is not only the cheapest form of de-icing material, it is non-toxic and disposed of through natural processes. Find out more….

Best & Codes of Practices

Here we explore the Best Practices for salt use on our roads. Along with the published advice for Codes of Practice. Find out more…

De-Icing Glossary

Covering various de-icing terminology, including ‘abrasive grit’, ‘anti-caking agent’, ‘eutectic point’ and ‘vacuum salt’. Find out more….