Apr 4, 2015 | Statements

Salt Quality Assurance Scheme Set To Instil Customer Confidence And Raise Standards

The Salt Association has launched SaltAS, a quality assurance scheme for salt products, which aims to give confidence to specifiers and users that their salt supplies meet all relevant quality standards and conform to tender requirements.

Designed to cover every aspect of the entire salt supply chain from production to delivery, SaltAS will benefit everyone involved. Including SaltAS certification as a requirement in purchase and tender documentation will reduce the need for customers such as Local Authorities, Highways Agency Contractors and other users to provide more detailed specification and the need to carry out quality tests on their salt supplies. Equally, as far as salt hauliers contractors and storage facility operators are concerned, having SaltAS approval will recognise their quality systems, practices and disciplines and identify them as an integral part of the salt supply chain.

SaltAS has been developed in partnership with Kiwa PAI, part of the Kiwa Group, one of the UK’s leading independent testing, inspection and certification companies.

Peter Sherratt, Secretary of the Salt Association, which operates the scheme, says:

“UK salt producers supply 2-3 million tonnes of salt per year to industries ranging from food manufacturing and water softening to winter road maintenance. Anyone buying salt from a SaltAS certified supplier will have peace of mind knowing that their products meet the stringent demands of this scheme.”

SaltAS will become a recognised symbol of quality assurance for all salt products and will assure that all certified scheme members are working within a consistent, auditable framework which will raise standards across the whole industry.

For further information regarding SaltAS contact Sarah Easton at Kiwa PAI on 01423 878878 or enquiries@thepaigroup.com.

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