Jul 15, 2016 | Statements

Skimmed Milk Could Help Athletes Keep Hydrated

Skimmed milk could by a key ingredient for athletes to replace vital water and salts lost from the body during exercise.

According to leading nutritionist Lewis James skimmed milk could be much more effective than sports drinks to re hydrate the body because the milk contains a higher level of sodium or salt content than on specialist sports drinks despite them containing electrolytes.

It is a fact that when people exercise and sweat they lose essential waters and nutrients from the body, so replacing them after exercise is essential for the body to function. When a person sweats they lose water from the blood, which is used to transport oxygen through the body. If the water is lost then the blood becomes thicker and is unable to transport the oxygen through this channel. This causes the body to dehydrate.

In recent years five runners have lost their lives because of this condition and did not properly replace essential salts after exercise.

By replacing lost salts after exercise this will ensure that the water is kept in the blood and the body can function at its best.

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