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Peacock Salt

Peacock Salt

Peacock Salt offer the largest choice of salts in the UK with over 100 different grain sizes, packaging and purity in stock.

We have strived to deliver the best quality service for over 140 years and to ensure we continue to do that we have all relevant accreditations including ISO, FEMAS and BRC. We are based in 9 locations throughout the country and are able to discharge ships, do onsite packaging and bespoke mixing.

Many retailers, businesses and local councils rely on Peacock Salt for their winter maintenance requirements – from clean white de-icing salt to advanced salt spreader technology with the latest GPS technology. We are an innovative company thriving on making new products for many of our traditional markets.

Uniquely we produce Blackthorn Salt by evaporating sea water off the west coast of Scotland using a

Our Blackthorn Salt is uniquely produced using a graduation tower to evaporate sea water to produce a gourmet Scottish Sea Salt.

No matter what type of salt you need, whatever the application, Peacock Salt is there to help you get the best from our products. Please visit for more information.

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Peacock Salt
Cledford Lane
Cheshire CW10 0JP

Tel: +44 (0)1292 292 000

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