Dec 21, 2018 | Statements

Statement from the Salt Association on PHE Report

In response to Public Health England’s Salt Targets 2017: Progress Report, the Salt Association recognises the achievements the Food industry has made in reducing the levels of salt in both the in-home and out of home sectors.

The PHE report says that for retailers and manufacturers – average targets are being met for breakfast cereals, fat spreads, baked beans, pizzas, cakes, pastries, fruit pies and other pastry-based desserts, pasta, quiche, processed potato products, stocks and gravies.

It also says that in the out of home sector, the report highlights that seven in 10 foods had levels of salt below the maximum targets.

The Salt Association also acknowledges the commitment that Food manufacturers have given to reducing salt through a structured reformulation of their products.

However, the Salt Association believes there is insufficient balance in the debate about salt and health and seeks to redress this. We are seeing an increasing volume of credible scientific evidence from around the world suggesting that for the vast majority of populations health is not impaired by salt intakes marginally above guideline levels.

Moreover, more and more research is reminding us of the human body’s essential need of salt and of its many physiological benefits, stressing the point that too little salt can have more serious implications for the health of some people.

This body of research appears to be at odds with the UK government’s RDA for salt of 6g a day and the Salt Association will continue to monitor and assess the views of eminent scientists who argue against the need for further reductions in salt intake by whole populations.

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