Jul 27, 2012 | Statements

Salt Could Be Good For Us After All

According to a recent research project carried out by the Cochrane Collaboration, who are an international organisation that undertakes systematic reviews of evidence, has a story published on the NHS website that states that salt could actually do more good than harm.

The original story published on the Daily Express website suggests that salt in the diet can lessen our chances of suffering heart disease and strokes.

The study does not suggest that eating high levels of salt is good for us but simply that not getting enough could be just as bad, if not worse.

The research found that in white people with a normal blood pressure level, a low salt diet slightly reduced blood pressure and led to a small increase in substances such as cholesterol.

The research involved a systematic review of meta-analysis on 167 participants, where the effect of sodium intake on blood pressure, lipids and certain chemicals were recorded. Comparisons were taken between those with a low salt intake and those eating a higher amount of salt over a short period of time.


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