Founded in 1874 by John Craig Peacock, Peacock started out as a shipping company agent in the heart of Glasgow and is now one of the largest food salt suppliers worldwide. Peacocks has a quayside facility for discharging ships of salt, on-site packaging facilities and bespoke mixing.

Winter salt spreader technology for seasonal maintenance is also a specialism for Peacock from road salt gritters to hand spreaders including all the latest GPS technology important for monitoring highway de-icing.

No matter what type of salt you need, whatever the application, Peacock Salt is there to help you get the best from our products. Please visit for more information.

Irish Salt Mining

In its Kilroot Mine near Carrickfergus, Irish Salt Mining and Exploration (ISME) has been providing de-icing rock salt since 1965. Using groundbreaking technology the rock salt is produced by room and pillar dry mining with all processes carried out on site.

For more than 40 years Irish Salt Mining & Exploration has been at the heart of road safety, providing the best quality rock salt to keep our roads ice-free. On average approximately half a million tonnes of rock salt is produced and supplied throughout Ireland and the UK by their sales division, Salt Sales Company.

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INEOS Enterprises

INEOS Enterprises are the UK’s largest manufacturer of vacuum salt products used for industrial and domestic applications.

Based in Runcorn, Cheshire, INEOS Enterprises supply a full range of quality salt products for many industries including food and drink, water-softening, animal nutrition, industrial, chemicals and manufacturing and de-icing.

INEOS are committed to providing first class products and service with all products being assured under the ISO9001 Quality Management Systems standard , whilst food products are certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

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Cleveland Potash

Cleveland Potash located in North Yorkshire Moors on the North-East coast of England is a producer and supplier of potash fertilizers for agriculture and industry uses. Cleveland’s salt products meet a variety of needs from road maintenance to sugar beet cultivation and as an ingredient in animal feed.

Cleveland Potash combines product quality with the latest technology and balances innovative production techniques required for extreme geological conditions with environmental sensitivity because of harvesting salt deposits from mines beneath the Moors and the North Sea.

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Compass Minerals UK

Compass Minerals UK Ltd works with hundreds of local authorities, government agencies and private businesses to help them gain maximum advantage from their winter maintenance programme.

Whether through the supply of rock salt, one of our many other related products or in the application of innovative technology, our aim is to demonstrate tangible benefit with everything we do. De-icing is our business.

British Salt

British Salt is the UK’s leading manufacturer of pure dried vacuum salt products. With a reputation for quality of products, service and reliability of supply British Salt plays a crucial role in keeping British industry moving. British Salt manufactures a broad range of salt products to suit your needs across a wide variety of applications from food ingredients to water treatment, animal feeds and industrial processes.

British Salt is a brand name of Tata Chemicals Europe. As part of the Tata Group of companies (which includes Jaguar Land Rover and Tetley Tea) we are well placed to supply your vacuum salt product requirements in the UK or around the world. Visit our website for further information.

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